Convento S.Maria del Giglio, via Madonna del Giglio, Bolsena
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Workspace and conference room

A meeting room for about 30 people, and antique refectory from 1600 with tables and benches for a minimum of 40 people, a new refectory and other spaces for break out sessions.

The hall 'S. Francesco', with access to the cloister, is also suitable for yoga and reiki sessions.

one of the room in the lounge area

A beautiful lounge area has been set up in the ancient kitchens, where it is now possible to take coffe breaks around a huge fireplace.

A very modern space has been set up with functional workstations, to answer the needs of researchers, professionals, scholars who seek for a calm, functional and inspiring place to finalise a book, a report or an article.

the hall 'S.Francesco'

A spacious and well equipped kitchen has been newly redone to allow groups to self-cater.

A simple and welcoming prayer room is available for meditation and for hosting ecumenically moments of prayers and spiritual rejoice.

the prayer room:
"Frate Focu, Matre Terra"

The Convent is the ideal location for organisations' annual retreats, offering both lodging and meeting facilities in a simple but unique, quiet environment in harmony with nature.