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The Cultural Association

Punti di Vista is a non-profit association founded in 1996; since 1997 it takes care of the management of the Convento S. Maria del Giglio.
The choice of a convent as centre of its activities, lies in the desire of sharing and organizing live according to a simple life style, inspired by the brotherhood between people of any cultural, religious and ethnical background.

The association aims at being democratic, a-political, against any sort of discrimination and any form of unjustice and violence against human rights; its aims are:

· Stimulating the knowlegde and the encounter of cultures, traditions and religions, in the conviction that no opinion, no vision to the world, can be able to give description and explanation of reality;
· Proposing an approach of nature, inspired by respect and in the harmonious sense of it;
· Valuating and being inspired by the territory in which the association works,
· Promoting a kind of responsible tourism, also accessible for the less fortunate, with respect for culture and nature, focussed on the encounter and guided by the desire of knowlegde;
· Supporting and helping all possible ways of meeting and joining.

The association organizes intercultural exchanges, study days, work camps, meetings, seminars, courses, in collaboration with local authorities and other local and international organizations.
Giving an artistic declination to its activities of sensitizing to achieve a responsible behaviour towards the environment, the association organizes exhibitions of artists who use objects and recycled materials as basics for their proper work, and workshops for children where they can experience the creative transformation of solid, non-organic rubbish.

In the antique and impressive cloister and in the adjoining rooms, are held concerts, exhibitions, performances and courses, also promoted by other cultural organizations and the organization for the north-south collaboration.

The Executive Committee si composed by:

Sabrina Aguiari (presidente)
Federica Aguiari (segretario)
Giulia Camerlengo (tesoriere, vice-presidente)
Nathan L. Morrow (consigliere)

For the members, 'Punti di Vista' promotes social tourism, that is 'for all', and tries to do so by means of the guesthouse, which is active in the convent since 2000. Other than hospitality for singles and families, the Convent also gives hospitality to residential courses for painters and sculptors, yoga, tai chi and retraits for meditation and prayer.

The association is a member of the Touristic Centre for Youth which promotes initiatives and structures of social tourism on a national level.