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The association promotes cultural initiatives for the knowledge of the territory - international youth exchange, residential seminars, work camps - environmental sensitizing actions - reduction of consumption and recycling of materials, also with artistic aims - and spreads the principle of critical consumption - reduction of consumption, biological and natural choices.

Proposes initiatives of international solidarity and of sensitizing on the dynamism of globalisation and poverty. Occupies itself with an informal formation of youth through the European Youth Service.

Promotes life styles inspired by sharing sources, work and time, through an experience of community going on among some members in the convent.

The projects, the restoration of the convent and the guesthouse are lead by the continuous work and the joy of many inspired volunteers and/or founders.

Some of the projects realized with the support of public funds:

Anno Titolo Ambito Contributi Sintesi

Gli alberi raccontano
(The threes tell)

Children-environment City of Roma Project to bring children closer to nature and give them a sense of respect rather than a bent of exploitation.
1997 Schoolsystems and didactic methods in the EC Youth - Education EU (European Union), contributions of participants and association Work camp and exchange of knowledge with regard to the schoolsystem as used in the different countries of the EC, steps towards unity.
since 1997 Learning to share Volunteers EVS UE (Unione Europea) - association Informal Training of youth - Taking part in the restoration of the convent - Knowledge of the Italian customs and culture - Education with respect for the environment in the spirit of sharing.
1998 Much to Do About Rubbish Environmental awareness UE - Regione Lazio - City of Rome Wordgame on 'Much ado about Nothing' - W. Shakespeare Practical seminars on the maintenance of rubbish and theoretical meeting on the connection production-consumption-rubbish - exhibition and cd with proceedings.
May 2000 Allattamento al seno: non basta promuoverlo bisogna proteggerlo (Breast-feeding: it is not enough to promote it, need to protect it) Nutrition - critical consumption City of Roma Information about the advantages of breast-feeding and the dangers of artificial milk, thrown on the market by multinationals of the food industry.
Novembre 2000 Banane s...catenate (Bananas, chained - unchained) Nutrition - Critical consumption City of Rome Information about the social and environmental conditions at the production of bananas and other tropical fruit(s) - possible alternative production and market for bananas produced 'fairly'.
Sept-Oct 2000 I gioielli di S-Cartier (Jewels from S-Cartier, 'scarti' meaning 'waste') Art - Environment - Recycling City of Viterbo Workshops with children to demonstrate the possible re-use of materials - Preparation of the impact with 134 bales of cardboard on the main square of Viterbo.
December 2000 Equarte in Equoroma Art - Environment - Recycling City of Rome Exhibition of works of art of artists who are engaged in creating with recycled materials.
Jan-Dec 2000 Close to Europe close to youth Europe - citizens - youth - video UE - participants Video about the presence of the EC in the daily live of limited categories of persons/professions.
Jan - Dec 2001 Con las mujeres Europe - women - campaigning UE Information campaign about the European citizens charter, especially regarding to women.
Jan -
Dic 2002
Doc-up EU integration - culture UE The making of documentaries in collaboration with the cultural associations of 6 different countries about social integration.
Autumn - Winter
Campi di lavoro internazionali International-Youth UE International work camp with young people from all over the world in collaboration with YAP (Youth Action for Peace).
2003 -
Jan 2004
I Gioielli di S-Cartier Ar t- Environment- recycling
Comune di Roma
Investigation on the theme of recycling regarding to the daily needs of the ones without a permanent stay, until the tools of art.
Oct - Dec 2005 After Katrina solidarity - international cooperation association - World Vision US Hosting of 6 young investigators, engaged in the study of poverty and vulnerability in Angola, Mozambique and Rwanda.
Since Aug 2007 Food Aid and Food Security inHumanitarian Settings food security - international cooperation - humanitarian emergency participants fees

Summer courses of Payson Center, Tulane University of New Orleans
I ed. / II ed. / III ed. / IV ed. / V ed

Since Aug 2008 Food Globalization and Gender sustainabke development - Food systems - food security - gender participants fees

Summer courses of Payson Center, Tulane University of New Orleans
I ed. / II ed. / III ed. / IV ed. / V ed

2008 - 2011 Microcredit for women in the Province of Viterbo solidarity - social economy Provincia di Viterbo - Banca Etica Facilitate a microcredit for economically and socially vulnerable women in the Province of Viterbo
2010 - 2012 Under the Etruscan Sun (ETRUSCAN) environment - climate change - alternative transportatio EC financial instrument LIFE+ Solar electricity and exhausted vegetable oil for alternative transportation through a governance pilot initiative in the Province of Viterbo
Ott 2010 The Politics of Food: gender roles and environmental change
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ambiente - sicurezza alimentare - sviluppo sostenibile - gender Grundtvig Programme

Workshop with European teachers, academic professors, civil society active memebrs, journalists; focus on interlinkages among food security, politics, economical transformation, cultural set up, gender patternsand food governance at international level)

Jul 2011 Spazzasuono - musical instruments with recycled materials
environment - youth animation

free open lab to construct musical instruments

Aug 2011 Project for Cultural Diversity in Kosovo - Study visit in Italy on model of management of cultural heritage
cultura - diversity management - pace - sviluppo sostenibile Council of Europe

Visita di studio in Italia per un gruppo di partecipanti kosovari, albanesi e serbi, impegnati a definire un curriculum accademico per utilizzare la gestione di patrimoni culturali come un'occasione di convivenza tra gruppi culturalmente differenti

Aug 2011 Women reclaiming sustainable livelihoods
sustainable development - gender - environment HIVOS

workshop for book writing, peer review
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