Convento S.Maria del Giglio, via Madonna del Giglio, Bolsena
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Where are we

The Convent is build on the top of one of the tree hills on which Bolsena lies. In the green and overlooking the lake, at a few hundred metres of het Church of the Eucharistic Miracle and the Basilica of S. Cristina, at a ten minute walk of the biggest vulcanic lake of Europe. Everything seems within reach: places of devotion, testimonies from antique civilization (Roman and Etruscan), nature (woods and springs).

Bolsena lies at 30 km north of Viterbo, along the 'via Cassia', the antique pilgrimspath (via Francigena).

With your own transportation:

You can reach the convent by taking the 'Cassia bis' and follow the direction of Siena if you come from Rome or 'Rome' if you come from Siena.
When you reach Bolsena, you go under the 'Porta Romana' and reach the Piazza S. Cristina (you have the Basilica S. Cristina at your right hand side), from there you take the street that goes up the hill (via Madonna del Giglio); after 4 curves you see a yellow church with the convent attached to it. Ring the doorbell.


you take the motorway A1, leave the motorway at Orvieto and follow the indications for Bolsena. Continue as written above.


another option from the coast, take the motorway Roma-Civitavecchia, continuing on the 'Aurelia', leave at you right hand side at the indication of 'Canino'. When you reach Canino, carry on following the indications for Valentano, Gradoli and finally Bolsena. Continue as written above.


  • orari pullmann da Orvieto
  • pullmann COTRAL per Bolsena
  • orari treni
  • With public transportation:

    - by train from Rome or Florence: take the train from the Termini station (Roma) or from S.M.Novella (Florence) going to Orvieto; from Orvieto Scalo you take a bus for Bolsena. From the stop at the town square, you go to the Piazza S. Cristina. Continue as written above.

    - by bus from Rome: at the terminal Saxa Rubria, which is to be reached by train from the station Flamino, take the bus for Viterbo and from the terminal take another bus for Bolsena. Get out at the stop 'S. Cristina', go into town under the 'Porta Romana', until you reach the Piazza S. Cristina. Continue as written above.

    Contact us
    You can call us every day between 10.00 and 13.00 and between 15.00 and 19.00, at


    or you can write an email to

    by ordinary mail:

    Associazione Punti di Vista
    Convento S. Maria del Giglio
    Via Madonna del Giglio
    01023 Bolsena (VT) - Italia