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WFP schoolfeeding programme in Haiti

Right to food: summer courses of food security, food aid &
food sovereignty

Food aid on the global scale is now over 50 years old, but 1 billion people nowadays do not have enough food for a sufficiently nutritious diet.

Within an economy with globalised food systems - from production to distribution and marketing - gender roles have been redisigned but not necessarily revolutioned

In two summer courses organised in collaboration with the Tulane University of New Orleans (USA), these topics are explored and analysed, with an approach that encompasses focus on humanitarian emergencies as well as on development models.

The courses include lectures, labs, field visits and meetings with officers at the main UN food agencies based in Rome. They are normally held in May-June; admissions open in February till the 1st of April every year.

For further info, download the flyer of current edition and find the contact for admissions:

Food Security Summer Studies -May/August 2012:
flyer and admission form

Past editions:

Food Security Summer Studies - May/June 2011

Food Security Summer Studies - May/June 2010

Food Aid and Food Security in Humanitarian Settings - June 2009

Food Globalization and Gender - May 2009