Convento S.Maria del Giglio, via Madonna del Giglio, Bolsena
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Pilgrims in the first Jubilee - 1300 (miniature from Cronica di G. Sercambi)

Hospitality for Pilgrims

The Convent S.Maria del Giglio in Bolsena was built at the beginnig of Cent. XVII also as a response to the growing demand for hospitality by pilgrims on their way to Rome.

The Convent was built on one of the routes of via Francigena, the path connecting the Basilica S.Cristina of Bolsena - where the eucaristic miracle happened, in Cent.XIII, which is the foundation for the establishment of the feast of Corpus Christ - to Orvieto - where the corporal stained by blood during the miracle was transferred). Nowadays, the Convent run by the Association Punti di Vista continues to offer hospitality to pilgris in the rooms renewd and adapted of the guest house. Punti di Vista is also a member of the European Association of Francigena paths.

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  • ItinerAria - culture, nature, and art on the Francigena
  • Confraternity of S.Iacopo - pilgrims DOC from Santiago to Roma
  • The Basilica of S.Cristina - the place of Eucaristic Miracle
  • The Miracle of Bolsena in the Raphael's Room in the Vatican
  • Pilgrims with credentials are lodged at special conditions.

    The Convent is situated on a hilltop, therefore it is advised to call in advance to ask for availability of places, and to reach the place by the route that proceeding from Acquapendente reaches the Castle of Bolsena (Rocca Monaldeschi): once on the square of the castle, take the white road on the right of the church S.Salvatore and proceed for about 500 meters.