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logo of the Youth Programme, framework for the EVS

European Voluntary Service

In 1996 the European Commission launched a program involving youth and destined to encourage mobility in Europe. It's the European voluntary service (EVS), who wants to give a chance to young people between 18 and 26, living in a European country (or in one of the countries waiting to be accepted) to spend a period from 3 to 12 months in another European country, working for an organization and receiving a small monthly compensation (pocket money).

The volunteers take an Italian language course and a training, preparing them to the work they will have to do. Punti di Vista has received volunteers from the first year the program exists, first in collaboration with Youth Action for Peace, later autonomous.

The volunteers are a very important element in the community life of the convent and of the activities of the association: they get an informal education about sharing and community life, they learn the language and the Italian customs, they meet up with a lot of other young people and in return they give their own participation to the community life, their own perception of the place, of the people and of the customs, they help with the recovery and the maintenance of the structure, they take part of annual cultural initiatives, according to their interest and capacities.

  • Agenzia Italiana per lo SVE
  • Youth Action for Peace, IT
  • This is also a way to accomplish a united Europe: through the knowledge of the place, the meeting with people, the creation of relationships, friendship, affection which develops working, even for a short period of time, on common projects and living in community.

    1997 Giano Ergen Belgium
    1998 Sandra Mark Austria
    1998 Caroline Guyot France
    1998 Sarah Vogt Germany
    1998 Cristine Germany
    1998 Rainer Germany
    1999 An Sips Belgium
    1999 Andreas Germany
    2000 Alina Romania
    2001 Wenke Jannerhen Germany
    2002 Beate Germany
    2003 Sten Belgium
    2003 Lars Germany
    2006 Gulten Turkey